COMMENTARY: Phoning it in and the Fractal of Fail

The fine art world isn’t the only cultural element phoning it in these days. The phenomena are related-the spiritually bankrupt and exhausted ruling class believes it holds a monopoly over our very lives, so we’ll just have to settle for whatever they toss out. It’s not good enough.
I’ve heard an interesting analogy recently: A Fractal of Fail. It’s built into the mindset of the ruling class these days. It applies the big failures we’re all having to deal with now in art, government, the media, and our institutions; but the same pattern of inadequacy is repeated in every level, in every aspect, from arrogant world leaders all the way down to that presumptuous individual who was promoted over his level of competence due to some worthless credentials.
The elites prefer protecting themselves and their status more that they care about their results. Other elites will never call them out for their failures, as they are all in the same club, and the opinions of those they consider their inferiors are irrelevant to them.
What’s wrong with movie posters can be extrapolated all the way out to what is wrong with our entire society. This is unsustainable.

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