STUDIO: Painting in Progress 3


Detail from the work in progress, “A Tale of the Forked River”

The process continues on my current 3′ x 3′ painting. The man in the foreground of the piece is still not completed. Since he is one of the key focal points I’ve pushed him to a greater level of resolution. Now I have to bring up the details of the rest of the painting to support him.

Over the last few weeks the painting changed from this:


To this:


Many of the changes are subtle, but in painting the most minor adjustments can make or break a painting.

As an intuitive painter, I’m not following a formula of how to paint something, and I’m not trying to reproduce some source material. I’m trying to discover how to make paint communicate the sensations of a vision I experienced.

This vision has something to say, and it’s my role to make sure the message gets through.

As the Remodernism Manifesto declares:

7. Spirituality is the journey of the soul on earth. Its first principle is a declaration of intent to face the truth. Truth is what it is, regardless of what we want it to be. Being a spiritual artist means addressing unflinchingly our projections, good and bad, the attractive and the grotesque, our strengths as well as our delusions, in order to know ourselves and thereby our true relationship with others and our connection to the divine.” 

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4 thoughts on “STUDIO: Painting in Progress 3

  1. My thoughts exactly. Except my thoughts get muddled when they escape out my mouth or hand in writing. I feel like “an intuitive” painter too. It’s a freeing feeling and philosophy if practiced. Wonderful to watch the work in progress. Very brave. Thank you.

  2. Thanks! Your work does feel intuitive as well, very intriguing. It is awkward to put up the unfinished works-even the face I zoomed in on, I look at it and know it’s not quite there. But I’m hoping seeing the progression is entertaining and informative.

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