STUDIO: The Mystique of the Artist Studio


The newest configuration of the home studio. Cameo appearance by Motorhead the cat.


This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.

-Joseph Campbell

What other professional’s workshop has the same aura as an artist’s studio? When the space dedicated to the creation of art is discussed, there could be some hyperbole involved; words like magical and sacred might be mentioned.

There are elements of surprise and reverence in the process of making art. But other important concepts of the working studio should not be overlooked: efficiency, comfort, and ultimately, enjoyment. Depending on the artist, most of the creative mystery happens internally, and is not generated by their location. What a studio needs to be is a place that best supports the realization of inspiration, and how that takes form is fascinating in itself.

Artists are resourceful, and can make a studio almost anywhere. A corner of the living room, a garage, the spare room; during various times of my art career I’ve found myself with my easel in the kitchen, worrying about getting paint on the table, wondering about the combination of a gas stove and mineral spirits.

There is nothing like having the dedicated space just for art. There is great pleasure in not having to pack up and move all materials at the end of a session, to have the needed tools within reach when an idea strikes. The magic in artists’ studios is in the sense of purpose, a Zen-like meditation on process.

It is an exotic environment. Many strange devices and substances are used there. Simple everyday needs like lighting and storage take on whole new urgency. And in the studio there is the artist, a person who puts appearances onto ideas. Might seem like an anachronism in these technological times, but the artist fulfills a deep human need.

17 thoughts on “STUDIO: The Mystique of the Artist Studio

  1. Amen! Richard, you and Michele never cease to amaze or inspire. Thank you!
    I like the photographed scene! Mr. Motorhead the cat makes a pretty nice addition ~ almost like he’s the artist, contemplating the work 🙂

  2. Same thing goes for writing. I like to have my books handy: my Oxford English Dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus, my myriad reference books, etc. I find it necessary to have a space where I can work undisturbed. It is important to have a place where one feels secure and can open up to let the creative juices flow. Currently, that place is my tiny bedroom, but I hope that someday I will have a study of some kind where I can keep all of my books, pens and papers together, and surround my self with inspirational art and bric-à-brac..

  3. Lovely meditation on the holy of holies, the artist’s studio. Am currently working of my lounge coffee table and dream of having a more fixed setting in the future. Here is to hours of delight and fulfilment in your wonderful studio.

  4. I’m so happy for you both, it makes me cry from Joy – just knowing you are each fulfilling your life’s dream. Mom

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