ART QUOTES: Peter Doig


Peter Doig “Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre” 77″ x 116″

“If you look at the two costumed figures represented in Gasthof, they are the gatekeepers to the world of painting. These are the people who allow you to disband your disbelief, like an entrance to a dream. For me they are dressed up like the Byrds, pretending to be from another time, although this could lead to a much too specific background, musically as well as historically. In the end, they are at the center of attraction while equally being out of time.”

-Peter Doig


Peter Doig creates dreamlike paintings, influenced by the likes of Edvard Munch and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, that combine a hallucinatory palette with expressive brushwork. Here the image of the two men derives from a photograph taken when the artist was working as a dresser at the London Coliseum. One night, after a production of Igor Stravinsky’s Petrouchka (1911), Doig and a friend donned costumes from the performance and comically posed for a picture. The artist initially used this photograph as the basis for a figure study; he then superimposed the two men on a landscape borrowed from an antique postcard, depicting the vista from an old German tavern, Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre.

-The Art Institute of Chicago

6 thoughts on “ART QUOTES: Peter Doig

  1. He seems to have lots of amazing pieces-and is actually one of the most successful living artists now, as far as sales go. Not that money is a good gauge for quality, especially in the art world. But I find it significant next to all the post modern fake “artists” that usually are in such demand there is someone working with beauty and mystery. He will endure long after the phonies are forgotten.

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