ART QUOTES: Do the Work

Rivera Frida

Diego Rivera “The Pan American Unity Mural” detail

His capacity for work breaks clocks and calendars.

-Frida Kahlo, on her husband Diego Rivera



Jackson Pollock “Portrait and a Dream”

A man’s life is his work; his work is his life.

-Jackson Pollock



Claude Monet “House of the Customs Officer, Varengeville”

When I work I forget all the rest.

-Claude Monet



Edouard Manet “The Railway”

I need to work to feel well.

-Edouard Manet



M.C. Escher “Stars”

My work is a game, a very serious game.

-M.C. Escher

8 thoughts on “ART QUOTES: Do the Work

  1. Work: a strange creature.
    When you’re very young you go to work because you have to.
    Then because you need to.
    Then because you want to.
    Then because you’re glad to.
    Then you wish you could.

  2. Oh, I had nothing to do with it. I just saw that your previous post was cited, by Sarah Hoyt.

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