PAINTINGS: A Plague Upon the Prairies

A Plague Upon The Prairies

Richard Bledsoe “A Plague Upon the Prairies” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 20″


The vision came, and I performed a transcription of what I was shown. This is the results. It was painted fairly rapidly, a momentum matched in the treatment of the field that appeared.

What is this herd, or pack, wandering in the waving grass? The title that was presented to me suggest they are nothing good.

A painting is a contained unit of interlocking contrasts that create a balanced world apart. Contrasts of light and dark, naturalism and stylization, fade and edge, and perhaps most importantly for my Symbolist art: the beautiful and the grotesque.


“Spiritual art is not about fairyland. It is about taking hold of the rough texture of life. It is about addressing the shadow and making friends with wild dogs. Spirituality is the awareness that everything in life is for a higher purpose.”

The Remodernism Manifesto

11 thoughts on “PAINTINGS: A Plague Upon the Prairies

  1. But these creatures aren’t exactly menacing. They’re oddball cute. They’re disturbing but comical too. The teeth and gums are human, but their bodies are hotdog-shaped, like they themselves could be hors d’oeuvres for an even larger monster, but the purple isn’t natural and organic, as if grape-flavored, but more synthetic, like how a stuffed animal might taste if one tried to take a bite out of one. These creatures are strangely puppet-like, like some muppet offshoots, or pets of the Teletubbies.

    The clouds are like mashed potatoes lathered in butter. Candy-corn and dewdrops for dessert. It is the farm of the Jolly Ranchers.

    In the right backround, the older man with hat on his head, holding an open book (the Bible?), and younger woman next to him, with her hair blowing and with the texture and coloring of the field grass, is an odd touch. They don’t appear scared out of their wits. Actually they don’t appear to be aware of the purple creatures, or at least not overly concerned about them. The man while standing on his feet actually looks like he has nodded off and is taking a snooze. Maybe those purple creatures are part of a dream he’s having, the oblong litter of the Purple People Eater, and you’ve captured the moment just before he drops a turd in his jeans, falls to the ground and wakes up, feeling like a fool.

  2. Re: the couple.
    Ed; Martha, It says right here we are in Kansas!
    Martha; Maybe so, but the prairie dogs are a little unusual. Aren’t we down wind here from Alamagordo?

  3. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” says the guy who likes to write in the Lovecraft genre.

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