PAINTINGS: “Do the Work,” a New Collaboration by Michele and Richard

Michele Bledsoe and Richard Bledsoe “Do the Work”

acrylic on canvas 12″ x 6″


Michele Bledsoe and I have completed the third piece in our ongoing collaborative series.

As we develop our art and our lives together, we have found inspiration in a book by Steven Pressfield:

Do the Work.

“A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate. Don’t think. Act.”

-Steven Pressfield

Michele and I both created our own painting in our own unique style, but allowed a dialogue to form by the interaction of our individual efforts.

Michele compared it to having an intimate conversation.

The process of working on a piece together was so enjoyable that we will continue to collaborate. We hope to someday have a show of just our shared pieces. Watch this space for future updates.


Previous Collaborations:


Blind Mugwump Johnson 


11 thoughts on “PAINTINGS: “Do the Work,” a New Collaboration by Michele and Richard

  1. I love this! It is abstract yet I understand it…yet don’t understand it. When you paint a piece like this, does it have a bigger meaning? Do the objects like the ribbon and the mouse mean something? As much as I love art like this, I’m always in the dark when it comes to interpretation. Good work.

  2. Thanks! As far as interpretation goes, we don’t have set meanings. Instead we present imagery that compels us, that makes us feel things that can’t be put into words, just experienced.

  3. You guys have a good Thanksgiving. Remember art may fill the soul, but pies rule the stomach.

  4. I really appreciate your feedback. Often I think I’m supposed to see something in particular..Im supposed to see and feel what the painter was saying. So glad I can enjoy the work just as it is!

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