The Difference Between Totalitarian Tantrums and Righteous Rage

Let’s Be Civil
Richard Bledsoe “Ironclad” oil on wood panel 30″ x 36″

We are in the midst of the greatest manipulation attempt in history. President Donald Trump won the election, probably with 75 million plus votes, once all the fraudulent switching and destruction of ballots is taken into account. The corrupt establishment cabal of the media, globalist corporations, and the deep state are expending all efforts to suppress reality and replace it with their preprogramed fake narrative. They are all in, because this is for everything: if they can “install” Biden (actually Harris), America will be destroyed, and the long planned Great Reset can proceed. This is more than criminal. This is war, and we need to recognize it as such. As I stated in “The Postmodern War on America,” a June 14, 2020 post about what we were going through at the time:

When I started writing this piece just a few short weeks ago, I had plenty to say about how the wacky woo hoo virus hysteria exposed massive corruption and Chinese influence in our traitorous elitists. Arbitrary and needless shutdowns devoured American prosperity, coincidentally right when a new trade agreement undercut Chinese market manipulations, and a tectonic scale spy scandal started emerging regarding the Obama administration and all their cronies.

China’s rigid totalitarian system is the desired outcome of the majority of the world’s administrative classes. They won’t admit this, but look at their actions, instead of listening to their empty words.

Events overtook the essay I was preparing. So now we have divisive race riots being inflamed, on top of the Overblown Outbreak. This is just a continuation of the same war, a new battlefield of the thoroughly planned and prepared Postmodern assault on the United States.

This is Postmodern War for the 21st century. It’s not fought openly with bombs and soldiers. It’s combat waged by other means, with biological agents, economics, propaganda, data manipulation, sabotage.

More events have overtaken even that essay now, and we are on the newest field of battle, Stolen Election 2020. Not only did Trump win bigly, his massive coattails would have bolstered the Senate and flipped the House too, if the cheating hadn’t happened.

Now comes the most ruthless and relentless PR stunt ever, the coordinated attempt to convince us all to just accept the theft and submit to our new globalist overlords. Through the elitist social engineering program of Postmodernism, we have a large proportion of the populace primed to go along. They’ve been conditioned to bleat “two legs better” on command. In my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization, I described how emoting the party line is form of social currency amongst the indoctrinated:  

Postmodernists compensate for the lack of a genuine inner life by showing off what they think is expected of them. Postmodernists pretend to feel whatever their situational ethics informs them is the politically correct way to feel. Their stance is perpetual posturing.

 In this delusional state, they misname their ravenous appetite for domination as “pragmatism.” Their version of pragmatism basically means they get their way, always. Yet their position is essentially one of weakness. Having no substance of their own, they are reduced to living vampire-like, trying to suck resources and obedience out of society, while offering nothing useful in return.

 It’s hard to get normal people to cooperate with this hunger, since Postmodernists are fundamentally bottomless maws in desperate need of validation. There is no end to their demands. But the Postmodernists have a strategy for petty tyranny so simple it’s known to two year olds; they whip their unregulated emotions into what they hope is an intimidating frenzy.

 Adrift in a world unstructured except by their own unearned sense of superiority, Postmodernists know nothing about impulse control, or respect for others. Nothing gets these special snowflakes more offended than a challenge to their imaginary entitlement and arbitrary righteousness. Look at college campuses these days for many, many examples of this behavior. There’s no true passion or commitment behind these tantrums; they’re putting on a show as a crude attempt at manipulation. They seek justification for the sadistic pleasure of lashing out blindly. Never believe whatever the stated social justice cause of the moment is supposed to be about; it’s just a hypocritical excuse to act barbaric.

 There is another perk of these displays: the one-upmanship of virtue signaling. Within the collectivist Postmodern herd, there is still lots of maneuvering for status. One way to rise in the ranks is to have an even more histrionic meltdown than your neighbor. An additional tool of Postmodern phoniness is brown-nosing. When quality and accomplishment are no longer factors, life is reduced to a scramble to be noticed and elevated by the powerful. It’s a matter of who can most offend the disdained outsiders, make the most noise, and kiss the most rings, or asses. Our cultural institutions have degenerated into hierarchies of sycophants; the Postmodern establishment makes it clear that throne-sniffing is mandatory for advancement.

Another mandatory declaration is hatred. Postmodernist conversations often consist of rattling on about how they despise other people, like men, white people, Christians, Republicans, ad nasuem. It’s a bonding experience for them to spew venom at humanity. It’s a desperate attempt to affirm their privileged status as part of the smart set. As individuals, Postmodernists are unable to handle the challenges of life. That’s why they tend to cluster together, loudly proclaiming their knee-jerk preferences, seeking safety in the crowd.

This is what we are up against. And since I wrote my book, progressive virtue signaling has mutated from merely annoying to violently destructive. Supporters of the current coup are convinced going along with elitist-invented moral panics is a status symbol. This is at least the fourth effort to eliminate Trump by my reckoning; the previous installments were 2016 voter fraud, the Russia hoax, and the shampeachment, all sustained by media agitprop.

I expect this effort will do as well as the others did. It will fail.

When I see leftist gloating across all media platforms, corporate and social, I see how wrong they’ve got it. They are trumpeting how beaten, depressed, and incoherent Trump supporters must be now. In this, they are simply doing what the left is famous for: projecting. They are describing how they would react in similar circumstances, and assuming we feel the same.

I am not beaten, depressed, and incoherent. On the contrary, I feel a quickening. Because I see what the stakes are, and how we got here, I’m in a heightened sense of awareness and determination. I am angry, because I see the effort by the forces of evil to steal the entire world. But this is not “share your juvenile breakdown on Twitter for likes” impotent rage. It’s more like, “The time has come. I will do what needs to be done.”

Sundance, operator of the soon to be deplatformed Conservative Treehouse, has an ongoing refrain on the nature of Cold Anger:

There’s a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior.  Cold Anger does not need to go to violence.  For those who carry it, no conversation is needed.  You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion.  And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently…

Cold Anger evidenced is more severe because it is more strategic.

He’s right about how this is playing out inside me. I am willing to let our American rule of law processes bring justice. This is the final test to see if corruption has undermined all those we trusted to follow their oaths. I’m not emotionally invested in every fluctuation of the uncertain course we must now navigate. I am patient, but I’m also preparing, in case all the elaborately cultivated dysfunction has gone too far to be redeemed. Even then, it will not be over, though what the next steps are, I can’t say yet.

The attempt to create hopelessness, which will lead to weakness, is the key to the whole establishment operation. This election will only be stolen if we allow it to be stolen. Our future will be what we make of it, right here, right now.

I remain optimistic based on some pretty powerful evidence. President Trump is a masterful strategist. This is proven by all the times he beat the elites at their own games, defeating all their plans and predictions. Trump knew the Swamp would go to insane lengths to prevent his reelection. He has been telling us constantly for months there would be yuge ballot fraud. Are we supposed to believe he did nothing to prepare, that he would be a passive bystander at this most crucial inflection point?

We will know soon enough. Rumors are swirling about the immense consequences which may come to anyone or anything involved in this current coup. In 2018, President Trump signed an Executive Order that would seize the assets of all participants in foreign election interference. That would be pretty much the whole establishment now, all of whom are knowingly trying to deny Trump his rightful second term: politicians, political parties, corporations, networks, media personalities, Big Tech, you name it. It seems pretty far sighted to create in advance a way to prosecute all the parts of very predictable conspiracy.  

It’s widely known the National Security Agency scoops up every phone call, every email, and every text sent. I’ve even heard claims they can listen through your phone even if it’s not on. It’s also widely known Democrats cheat in elections, it’s just usually no one does anything about it.

What if there was finally someone in place who used the tools available to bring the criminals down? It would have to be someone from outside the syndicate. And you expect that all those criminal insiders would attack that invader tooth and nail to save themselves. A lot like what has been happening in Washington over the last 5 years.  

Finally holding all these villains accountable will be righteous indeed. Pray. But also act. We won’t have another chance like this.


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26 thoughts on “The Difference Between Totalitarian Tantrums and Righteous Rage

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  2. I love this…beautifully written and ….I like your ironclad painting, too. Shared on Facebook.

  3. Many times I’ve said this ” the tide is in flood against them” and deep down they sense this therefore their actions. Like the waves of the tide there will be ups and downs ( good attitude is paramount) but the flood is against them.

  4. They haven’t been arrested-yet. Military tribunals will be needed-could the recent change in military special operations mean they can act as the enforcement for cases of treason and sedition? Let’s se what happens during Trump’s second term.

  5. When you base your arguments solely on the moral plane they can be very devastating, but you can never ever be wrong about anything.
    They are losing.

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