DAILY ART FIX: 10 Surprising Album Covers by Contemporary Artists

Art world links which caught my eye…

How Sweet It Is

Jackie Gleason And Salvador Dali Show off the Cover Art for “ Lonesome Echo

I always paint to music. It sets the tone for the art being made. So it makes sense musicians would turn to artists to add a visual enhancement to their records.

Key quote from the article:

“The following – far from exhaustive list – gathers record sleeves by twentieth century artists, sometimes as artistic statements in their own rights and sometimes simply as a paying gig. Some follow the general style of the work the artist in question is known for, and others depart from that style (or styles) in interesting ways.”

READ THE ARTICLE HERE: The Quietus-Slipped Discs: Record Sleeves By Contemporary Artists

Andy Warhol “Diana Ross-Silk”


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