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Governing Class Manipulations are the Worst Pandemic of All

I was never a big Twitter user. So once they started in with the Stalinist censorship, it was easy for me to boycott them, as every freedom-loving person should.

I assume the pithy humorist Iowahawk is no longer on the platform. I may be wrong, but I won’t give them a single click to try and verify. Iowahawk’s little stilettos of wit were Wrongthink incarnate; whether he got kicked off or joined the stampede away from @Jack’s totalitarian tactics, I couldn’t say.

Over the years, one of Iowahawk’s greatest hits became a recurring meme on the blog Instapundit. Our Cultural Marxist dominated culture gave plenty of opportunities to apply it.

Back When Twitter Still Mattered: IOWAHAWK Nailed It

After the kamikaze elitist coup against reality that was 2020, it looks like our entire establishment is now attired in the flayed husks Iowahawk described. They’re strutting around like so many lamb silencing Buffalo Bills, decked out in, um, recycled finery, the rotting remains of what were once our enduring cultural assumptions. We peasants are supposed to look up from the pit they’ve thrown our society into, and tell them how pretty they look. It’s a grotesque display. 

I was reminded of the catastrophic lies we are expected to accept when I read a recent article about the Overblown Outbreak and the arts:

USA TODAY: Why We Need the Arts and Humanities to Get Us Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

“In addressing these issues, among others, society needs the work of scientists and health professionals to be informed by, and infused with, a wide range of human insight, experience and values,” the authors, Dr David Skorton and Dr Lisa Howley,  opine. “We need not just science but also the arts and humanities — and a union between them.”

Sounds reasonable, right? It ought to be, but you have to understand the bait and switch lurking in their sentiment. These doctors are wearing many layers of skin suits. They assume they can deceive us because we will still honor the institutional memories of the norms leftists have massacred and mutilated in their pursuit of unaccountable power.

First, they invoke Science. We are supposed to rely on it as our only hope:  “For 2021 to be brighter than last year, science and scientists must continue to play their indispensable roles, and must be taken seriously,” they intone.

But what is on offer is not science like it used to be, with careful collection and measurement of data, facts and evidence, tested and verified, peer reviewed and documented, to produce a reasonable, repeatable result. That is the skin we are supposed to see.

The truth behind the mask, and the masking, is “Obey me, because Science.” What we’re actually getting is Establishment Science, which is arbitrary, factless, incoherent, and nonsensical. We had to shut down the world for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. The infection counts are based off unreliable tests which have found that samples of Coca Cola and papayas have Covid. The death counts are wildly inflated by claiming anyone “with” Covid died “of” Covid, which is not the same thing at all – let alone all the cases of flu, pneumonia, cancer, and even accidents, fed into the cooked Covid stats.

The demands of the Science they wield make no sense. We can go to Walmart, but not to church. Can’t go to school, but go ahead and join in with mass protests and riots. Even with a so-called “vaccine,” we are to remain masked and distanced forever. Why?

Consider the contradictory gyrations over time of a certain Dr. Fauci. He said at first no masks were necessary. Then he said that was lie he told the public (great ethics there Doc!) because medical professionals needed the masks and he didn’t want to run out – even though at the same time he said any old piece of cloth would do as a face covering. As if a bandanna could stop a virus. More recently he said two masks good, then recanted, then reversed again. Why anyone with a memory would believe anything this erratic bureaucratic hack says at this point is beyond me, but he is held up as the Voice of their specious Science, and we are all supposed to follow his deranged proclamations.

The authors treat the arts and humanities with the same misdirected appeal to long squandered creditability. They segue from science to the arts with a quote from a revered figure: “As no less a mathematician than Albert Einstein put it: ‘All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree’ because all serve the same larger purpose — to uplift the lives of human beings.” But then they go on to define what they mean when they say art: “imagination and curiosity, communication and empathy, critical thinking and social advocacy (emphasis mine.)”

The first five descriptors are the skin suit we are to recognize; traditional ideas of what art can do. It’s what art used to provide. However, if these deceptive doctors were honest about the current state of our cultural institutions, they would eliminate everything except the last item on that list, “social advocacy,” which corrupt totalitarians want to tack on to every facet of human existence these days. When these characters say the arts and humanities, what they really mean is “poorly camouflaged leftist activism.”

In Establishment art, social justice warrioring holds dominion over all. Instead of unifying us during this time of Corona, they want us to bask in the uplifting experiences like those available from the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art: “The pandemic of racism, the pandemic of lack of food access, those pandemics have been going on for many, many, many years.”

And from gallerists like the fellows at Passage Arts: “Their conversation spanned inequity, racism, the mis- and underrepresentation of indigenous voices, and the unequal power dynamic between galleries, artists, and collectors.”

Artist Charles Gaines offers up, “There’s another part to this, which is that I wanted to undermine universal notions. That came out of my lived experience as a Black person. If you’re Black, or if you look Black, there is a different set of rules than if you’re white. Being white has been [considered] a universal expression of humanity, and racism played into that by marginalizing people who are not white.”

Funny, it seems to me art is universal, and encompasses all times and all cultures. Art is as human as the opposable thumb, and just as prevalent. It’s older than agriculture. The arts and humanities could be a force bringing us all into harmony. But some cultivate fragmentation and factionalism in the arts, and in society in general, thinking it will bring them personal advantages they would otherwise not achieve.

It’s telling how Gaines describes the evolution of his own art: “… because my work of that period was not political. [Politics] really entered my work a decade later. To the world, it just looked like my use of grids and numbers was a continuation of the conceptual enterprise—and it took me a little while to understand the politics of that. My work just couldn’t get past a certain level of interest…But I reached a ceiling where I couldn’t get writers to write about me and curators weren’t interested in putting me in shows. The way I look at it, if I had got a bigger public profile, then I think Dia would have been interested.”

Paint by Numbers? Detail of artwork by Charles Gaines

The fast track these days is to cynically exploit progressive virtue signaling as a means of career advancement. Being a proclaimed activist artist allows mediocrities to garner attention while producing dull, dead end rehashes of ideas better explored by other artists.

The contemporary art world Establishment solicits proclaimed victimhood as a means of advancement, and it has devoured the industry. There’s no uplift to be had in preaching grievance, displaying covetousness, and trashing the mighty achievements accomplished by our forefathers. All this posturing is just another form of Cultural Marxist social engineering, which they accomplish through the manipulation of language, or to put it another way, lies.

The suffering and decline we are undergoing is meant to bring us to heel. What we are witnesses to is the practitioners of the toxic philosophy of Postmodernism making their big move to enslave humanity forever. As I state in my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization:

A quick way to summarize Postmodernism is to describe it as a kind of magical thinking among the intelligentsia. They have convinced themselves and each other that language shapes the world, and by controlling the social narrative, they can force the universe into obedience.

The Modern era questioned truth and the nature of reality. Postmodernists flatly declare there is no such thing as truth, and “reality” is determined by the preferences of the powerful. Since they have maneuvered themselves to be in charge, the elitists behave as if reality had to conform to their theories, not the other way around.

Our would-be masters wove a make-believe world where their particular skill sets dominate. Because of the strategic way the establishment infiltrated their ridiculous conceits into society, they made great progress in remaking our civilization in their own corrupted image. For too long we’ve been enmeshed in their Matrix-like web of relentless misdirection, distraction, and subversion.

 Since the past is full of examples that contradict their assertions, Postmodernists attempt to deny, destroy, and redefine it. Since freethinking individuals might not agree with their stances, Postmodernists attempt to divide everyone into collective groups which can be manipulated into divisive conflicts.

Postmodernism is a cynical, despotic fantasy. It’s like a mafia made up of spoiled children. Because a lot of influential people have embraced it, we have the current ongoing disasters in our society. They are deadly serious about trying to make us all submit to their sense of entitlement, which is exactly the reason they need to be thwarted.

It’s a good thing these elitists are so profoundly ignorant of anything outside their ideological biases. They don’t understand actual history, only their pretend revisionist versions of it. They are so convinced of their own invulnerability, they overlook the inevitable fate of tyrants grown rigid.

The two doctors finish their pious piece with “The arts can not only help heal our bodies during these difficult times, they can help heal our souls.” While only God can heal our souls, art could be there for those seeking the solace of beauty, order, and inspiration. Unfortunately the current state of the institutional art offers only propaganda and proselyting. They don’t want to comfort, they want to convert.

Under Postmodernism’s tyranny, the arts and humanities don’t offer concord – they are meant to be a means for conquest.


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  1. Agree.

    One, of many, problems is they control money, medium of exchange, and can, will, do, deplatform, unperson, de-creditcard, refuse bank services, to any that rise high enough to annoy them.

    Over at Sarah Hoyt’s blog, a big todo ’bout publisher Bane being threatened with loss of platform because their on line Bar (conversation area) talks insurrection. Don’t know if it does, don’t really think so but don’t care.

    Problem is this keeps happening but it seems the old ‘They came for so and so because he was a whats’it, but I said nothing because I wasn’t a whats’it, etc.,… and then they came for me.’

    I noted over there;
    For years non (deplatformed) people have been denied service and markets, by non government entities because of their, or their opponents’, political convictions.

    They came for GAB, visa, mastercard, paypal, most banks, will not provide them service.

    Paypal, et al, would not transfer funds to gun dealerships.

    Chase, Wells Fargo, etc., will not handle the State of Alaska’s loans/bonds because oil fields and mining are bad.

    Unless we somehow unite and respond to each and every deplatforming, no matter if it we agree with the victim or not, they’ll keep chewing up our world bite by bite.

    Unless we find some way around the bank/business/government monetary transfer bottlenecks or an alternative medium of exchange, we’ll have to be very careful expressing any wrongthink.

    OK, OK, Richard, perhaps my comment doesn’t appear germane to your essay , but, reading it a Times cover kept flashing through my mind headlined (If we want to work) We’re All Propagandists Now! 😉

  2. […] Governing Class Manipulations are the Worst Pandemic of All I was never a big Twitter user. So once they started in with the Stalinist censorship, it was easy for me to boycott them, as every freedom-loving person should. I assume the pithy humorist Iowahawk is no longer on the platform. I may be wrong, but… — Weiterlesen […]

  3. I got to this site through George Leef’s National Review article “A Must Read on “Progressive” Mind Control.”
    Your piece is a good critique of the politization of the China Virus, the arts, and so-called “science” as a result of Postmodern nonsense. Democrats have invoked “science” to engage in tyranny for especially the last year. Of course the Democrat political elites, and especially Joe Biden, have no idea what constitutes the scientific ethos or the nature of science. Their appeal to “science” is simply political propaganda to amass political power to diminish or even abrogate individual liberty.
    Most people don’t know much about the nature of science.To appeal to only “science” is rather meaningless. For example, there exists junk science as opposed to actual science. To illustrate this, Professor Andrew Gelman, Professor of Statistics and Political Science at Columbia University, asked recently (i.e.this February 23) “What is the relevance of “bad science” to our understanding of “good science”? on his website “Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science”. How many people are even aware of this superlative informative website about the many facets of the scientific process? Not many, and even few, if any, elected politicians and government career bureaucrats too, including even the latter at the CDC. How many of them even know about the existence of the disciplinary journal “Philosophy of Science”? Or have even read one article contained in it’s many volumes? How many of them have even heard of, or read, Thomas Kuhn’s classic book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”? To reiterate, I’ll bet not many. Their “science” is transformed into ideology and/or religion through propaganda.

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