DAILY ART FIX: Artists Who Were Child Prodigies Throughout History

Art world links which caught my eye…

Self Portrait at the age of 13, Albrecht Durer, Silverpoint, 1484

Albrecht Durer “Self Portrait at the Age of Thirteen”

Genius level talent in the visual arts rarely shows up in children. Here are some examples of precocious early talent.

See the full article here: ART & OBJECT – Artists Who Were Child Prodigies Throughout History


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7 thoughts on “DAILY ART FIX: Artists Who Were Child Prodigies Throughout History

  1. You’re doing a lot more posting on art by others than before, just wondering.

  2. Trying something on the blog where I share the research I’m always doing, seeing if its something people enjoy. I was a bit concerned my own articles may get a bit lost this way. What do you think-interesting, or too much?

  3. I like it. Maybe do a weekly rotation. Your personal art was interesting and so is this stuff.

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