DAILY ART FIX: From 2019-Happy 500th, Tintoretto — A Retrospective Honors The Venetian Artist

Art world links which caught my eye…

Tintoretto “The Last Supper”

From the 2019 article:

But Tintoretto was putting his own spin on it. There’s so much well-known “Last Supper” imagery — the apostles sitting in a row at the table, a serene Jesus in the center. Some 60 years after Leonardo da Vinci painted his famous Last Supper, Tintoretto puts the apostles in a blender and spins them around — and paints their reactions when Christ says one of them will betray him.

“Some of them are practically falling out of their chairs backwards,” Echols says. “Some of them are reaching forward, gesturing towards Christ. The painting is full of action, push, and pull, and drama. And this is typical of Tintoretto: His paintings are always dynamic — full of energy and action.”

See the full article here: NPR – Happy 500th, Tintoretto — A Retrospective Honors The Venetian Artist


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