DAILY ART FIX: Inkulinati Is a Serious Strategy Game Created with Absurd, Hilarious Medieval Art

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Inkulinati Yaza Games Daedalic Entertainment preview

I’ve never been into video games. I’ve dabbled in Tetris, and more recently, Animal Crossing, but I’ve always felt like I was wasting time which could be better utilized.

This one looks like it would be fun, at least to watch.

Key quote from the article:

Originally funded on Kickstarter, the game comes from Polish indie studio Yaza Games, and it’s set to launch on Steam sometime in 2021. The odd title refers to a group of people who battle it out with each other via Living Ink creatures drawn on the margins of medieval literature. If you’ve ever seen those strange medieval drawings of upright horses or dogs wearing clothes, the characters in the game look just like that.

These old doodles — known as “marginalia,” I learned from the game’s creators — include some very strange creatures, all of which will now be able to battle each other. Dogs carrying lances, bunnies carrying swords and shields bigger than they are, donkeys with trumpets very fittingly lodged up their asses… I’m told all of these things have some basis in historical marginalia found in 700-year-old manuscripts.

See the whole article here: THE ESCAPIST – Inkulinati Is a Serious Strategy Game Created with Absurd, Hilarious Medieval Art


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