DAILY ART FIX : A Beginners’ Guide to Painting with Acrylics: Tips to Get Started

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Through the years, I’ve sometimes maintained studio spaces away from my house. After 2013, the last time I moved my painting studio from a separate location back into my home, I completed a transition I had begun long ago. I switched over from the oil paints, which I had used since 1991, and started creating all my works out of acrylic paints.

Oils required solvents and mediums to work best. No more breathing those fumes for me. Acrylics are water based, easy to cleanup, easy to mix. It’s taken some time, trial, and error to adjust to the different way the paint behaves, but I’ve come to really appreciate it.

Someday I might return to oils if the conditions were right. But for now, I’m thrilled by working in acrylics, this most versatile medium.

See the full article about starting with acrylics here: ARTISFUN – Acrylic Painting Supplies


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