DAILY ART FIX: The Jockey of Artemision: Ancient Greek Art in All its Stunning Glory

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Jockey Artemision Greece statue

The Jockey of Artemision

Life Sized Bronze Sculpture from 150-140 BC


Real art communicates across all times, and all cultures. While art has a universal resonance, it is fascinating in the particulars, which demonstrate the character of those who made it, and when it was made.

We can know something of the ancient Greeks based on the remains of their culture. Their architecture, and their sculpture, show us a people with skill, grace, and strength.

This amazing find, discovered in 1928, is a powerful legacy of a time and a place. Through art, we can share in that world, and know something about ourselves as well.

“The metallic sheen of his skin and the hide of the horse give off the appearance of glistening sweat. This horse and his boy showcase a paradigm often seen in Hellenistic sculpture—the combination of Greek Classical ideals with added expression, drama, and energy,” the American scholar says.

The statue is dated to around 150–140 BC, and is approximately life-size, with a length of 2.9 meters (9.5 feet) and 2.1 meters (6.9 feet) high.

On display in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Jockey of Artemision is a rare survivor. Most ancient bronzes were melted down for their raw materials some time after creation, but this one was saved from destruction when it was lost in a shipwreck in antiquity, before being discovered in the twentieth century.

Read the full article here: GREEK REPORTER – The Jockey of Artemision: Greek Art in All its Stunning Glory


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