DAILY ART FIX: Raw power – Why Iggy Pop posed naked for Jeremy Deller’s Life Class

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Iggy by, from left, Taylor Schultek, Levan Songulashvili and Kallyiah Merilus on show at Brooklyn Museum.

Lust for Life Drawing! Iggy Pop Poses

In 2016, rock ‘n roll shaman Iggy Pop acted as a model for a special life drawing class and exhibit sponsored by the Brooklyn Museum.

Deller convinced the Brooklyn Museum, a group of local artists and Iggy himself to play along. The result, Iggy Pop Life Class, opens at the museum next month. The show involves 107 interpretations of the star’s nude physique by 22 artists, ranging in age from their teens to their 80s. The museum will pair their work with objects from its collection depicting the male figure over the last few centuries: sculptures from ancient Egypt, Africa and India; drawings by such artists as Egon Schiele and Max Beckmann; as well as photographs by Jim Steinhardt and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Deller, best known for creating vast imaginative works with a political theme, first approached Iggy 10 years ago, but the star demurred. “Ten years ago I was a little too young,” says Iggy, now 69, in the book that accompanies the show. “I thought I didn’t have the weight. Now I feel like a lot has happened with and to my body. For some reason, it felt important for me to just stand naked for a group of human beings and have an exchange.”

Iggy Pop poses for, from left, Jeremy Day, Patricia Hill, Jeannette Farrow and Danielle Rubin.

Read the full article here: THE GUARDIAN – Raw power – Why Iggy Pop posed naked for Jeremy Deller’s Life Class


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  1. Keith Richards, who’s been dead for nearly 40yrs, but no one has told him.

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