DAILY ART FIX: At the Pageant of the Masters, Famous Works of Art Come to Life

Art world links which caught my eye…

Power Music

A recreation of “The Power of Music” by William Sidney Mount (1847)

The painting the tableaux vivant is based on

Picture this: famous works of American art recreated on stage with carefully prepared sets, props, and actors.

The large-scale pieces of art displayed on stage at the Pageant of the Masters, a nightly summer performance in Laguna Beach, California, look as though they could’ve been plucked off the walls of some of the world’s most celebrated museums and art galleries. On closer inspection though, it becomes evident that each masterpiece is an illusion. A blink of an eye or a subtle shift in posture and suddenly audience members are well aware that what they’re looking at is a collection of tableaux vivant, or “living pictures,” and the characters in each piece are real people.

See the full article here: SMITHSONIAN – At the Pageant of the Masters, Famous Works of Art Come to Life


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