DAILY ART FIX: New Painting “The Ocean”

Richard Bledsoe “The Ocean” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 20″

As an intuitive artist, I paint from my mind instead of from observation. I get the ideas from visions I have.

When the elements I want to include are too complex to invent, I will look at a picture of it, or some other form of model, and try to understand it, what is important about it. I then return to the canvas and paint out the elements as filtered through my consciousness.

It is challenging to invent the world of a painting. Each work has its own particular needs. The piece above I worked on, on and off, for years. It went through some awkward phases. It’s not even a large work. Part of the problem was I had advanced the painting of the background/ocean aspects of it far beyond the central elements of the fish. Usually I try to work the whole painting at once, keeping them at a similar level of resolution. This one was out of balance.

Work in progress

After a couple of trips in and out of the Room of Shame, I took this painting up again. I was going to crash, or crash through. If I had remained unable to finish it, I was going to just paint over it; cancel it out with an opaque layer of acrylic, and make a whole new painting on the canvas.

I am grateful I found a way in, and finally made it the painting I wanted it to be.


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