DAILY ART FIX: An Unexpected Artistic Birthday Surprise

A true story.

My birthday was September 28. To celebrate, my wife Michele Bledsoe and I both took the day off of work. One of her presents to me was a trip to Bookman’s, a wonderful used bookstore.

I love books. I’ve heard that’s a typical Libra trait. Because we already have waaaay too many books (bibliophiles understand what I mean, it’s a compulsion) we limit our visits to Bookman’s to very special occasions.

We were shocked by what we ended up finding there.

I had found 3 books and we went to check out at the register. As the clerk was processing our transaction, I started examining the display of refrigerator magnets next to the register. I quickly realized they were made by Gary Bowers, a local artist and poet we’ve known for years. The magnets were portraits of other poets done in his signature acrostic style, where he uses the letters of their names to create his own poems on their personalities.

Michele and I started calling out the names of the familiar faces as we identified them. “There’s Manny!” “And Jack Evans!” “Bill  Campana!’

And then I said, “There’s us!”

That’s right. Many years ago, Gary had gifted us one of his portraits, blown up to poster sized. We still have it as a memento of our beloved Deus Ex Machina Gallery, which we helped run from 2007-2012. Gary had used that image for one of his magnets.

Of course we had to buy it. “That’s us!” we proudly exclaimed as we handed it to the cashier. She looked at the magnet, then back to our faces, and said, “It certainly is!”

Thanks to Gary Bowers for an unexpected and memorable birthday treat! The magnet has taken up a place of honor, on our refrigerator.


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