DAILY ART FIX: Eric Fischl – Meditations on Melancholia

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WM | whitehot magazine of contemporary art | Interview with Eric Fischl on  the occasion of his show Meditations on Melancholia at Skarstedt Gallery,  in New York

Eric Fischl “Cleansed by the Flames of Water” Acrylic on linen 98″ x 68″

I’ve written about Eric Fischl before, in the context of the collapse of college art programs. Fischl was one of the 1980s art stars I actually respect as a powerful painter. He’s still hard at work. In 2020 he exhibited new works created during the invisible war of the Woo Hoo Floo.

Has Fischl ever consistently worked so loosely, with such abandon? Given the title of the show—Meditations on Melancholia—it’s probably not surprising to learn that many of the paintings and works on paper were executed during the COVID-19 lockdown last spring and summer. To be sure, his blues add a critical subtext to the proceedings. Plus there’s an “edge” to many of these works. Are they meant to look unfinished? Should you believe that there’s an accompanying scenario in which the artist was interrupted before he could complete these pictures? Fortunately, for us, Fischl tried something new and succeeded gloriously.

Read the full article here: BROOKLYN RAIL – Eric Fischl – Meditations on Melancholia


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