DAILY ART FIX: Man Ray: 5 Facts on The American Artist Who Defined an Era

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The Kiss, Man Ray, 1935 

Man Ray “The Kiss” 1935

Photographer and painter Man Ray ( August 27, 1890- November 18, 1976) left quite a legacy.

Man Ray was instrumental to the Dada and Surrealism art movements that took over the 20th century. Remembered for his unique approaches to photography and his ability to explore the unconscious with everyday items, Ray is celebrated as a pioneer…

As a child, Ray excelled in skills like freehand drawing. His ability to draft made him a prime candidate for architecture and engineering trades and was offered a scholarship to study architecture.

But, he was also a star in his art classes at school. Although he apparently hated the attention he received from his art teacher, he decided to pursue a career as an artist instead of taking the scholarship he was offered. He studied art on his own by visiting museums and continuing to practice outside of an academic syllabus.

In art, he was heavily influenced by the 1913 Army show as well as European contemporary art and in 1915, Ray had his first solo show. His first significant photographs were created in 1918 and he continued to build a unique style and aesthetic throughout his career.

Read the full article here: THE COLLECTOR – Man Ray: 5 Facts on The American Artist Who Defined an Era


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