DAILY ART FIX: The Entire Art Market is a Giant ball of Hot Air

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As the recent Hunter Biden fiasco demonstrated, the contemporary establishment art market is a barely disguised criminal enterprise. This article lays out the reality.

I am here to tell you the truth. Every single establishment that successfully sells art, regardless of location, size or cultural denomination, has no interest at all in the creative talent or process of an artist.

It isn’t even part of the discussion, they just simply don’t care.

They won’t tell you that! Rather you will get all kinds of excuses like we don’t accept submissions, or our calendar is booked for the next 7 years, or they will tell you to send information and then they won’t get back to you, or they will say they are not looking for new artists.

I have explored every single  opportunity for artists all over the world and have spoke with thousands of gallery owners, art consultants, museum curators, art dealers, auction house experts, critics, and journalists. In all that time nearly all of them with very rare exceptions have no interest in creative energy or talent, at all.

Read the full article here: LINKEDIN – The Entire Art Market is a Giant ball of Hot Air


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3 thoughts on “DAILY ART FIX: The Entire Art Market is a Giant ball of Hot Air

  1. I think that’s always been true, creating and selling require different mindsets, even if you are doing both.

    If you’re sipping wine at your one man show and a guy comes up to you and says; “I’m so delighted with your Tree In A Forest, the juxtaposition of the whatamadoodle and the somethingorother against the stark background of themetheretings creates a hole in my soul from out of which pours the angst of all humanity!”

    Remember now you’re a seller, not a creator at this point, so your reply should be something like; “How astute you are, you realize, among all the people I’ve talked to tonight, you’re the first and only one to see that?”

    -and ka-ching, probable sale.

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