DAILY ART FIX: California Cave Art Linked to Early Use of Hallucinogens

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Into the Vortex: Art as an Altered State

The art of prehistoric people preserved in caves often is recognizable depictions of animals, and more rarely, humans. However, sometimes stylized icons make an appearance. In 2020, a scientific discovery in California suggests a psychedelic influence on the images.

Mysterious paintings on cave walls and ceilings from long ago no doubt offer insights into the lives of the people who made them. However, exactly what they tell us is less clear. While hunting scenes and images of communities seem straightforward, there are also more abstract images, such as the 5-armed pinwheels painted on the ceiling of Pinwheel Cave in the Wind Wolves Preserve of California’s San Emigdio Mountains. Now, chewed clumps of jimsonweed have been found wedged into small crevasses in the ceilings. Datura wrightii, also called “Devil’s Trumpet,” is a hallucinogenic.

Read the full article here: BIGTHINK – California Cave Art Linked to Early Use of Hallucinogens


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