DAILY ART FIX: Recently Discovered Forrest Bess Paintings

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Forrest Bess “Untitled”

Forrest Bess (October 5, 1911 – November 10, 1977) was an outsider artist who made a living as a fisherman in Texas. His small, primitive abstract symbols were meant to invoke altered states of consciousness. Recently, a stash of forgotten Bess paintings were recovered from a shed.

The first thing that struck me about the paintings was that none of them looked familiar. If I had thought that they were variations on Bess’s paintings, I would have become suspicious. There were recognizable Bessian symbols, like the “tree of life,” and colors he had used in other works, such as gray and dark green, but they did not echo known paintings. Even for someone like myself, who knows Bess’s work and has written about it on numerous occasions, starting in the 1980s, these felt fresh and unexpected.

Read the full article here: HYPERALLERGIC – Recently Discovered Forrest Bess Paintings


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