DAILY ART FIX: Uncomfortable Discoveries – First in a Series of Posts Examining the Riace Bronzes

Art world links which caught my eye…

The Riace Bronzes: Warriors Rescued From the Sea - WSJ

Two bronze Greek sculptures dating back from between 460 and 420 B.C were discovered in 1972. Like I always say, art shows us who were are, and art shows us how to be. This article discusses the intimidating realizations about life in the ancient world this art reveals, so different than our corrupted Postmodern mediocrity. Thanks to reader Richard Patton for the link!

Indeed, that warriors should not only observe, but emulate statues like the Bronzes is apparent when one examines the particulars of warfare and armament in the Greek classical age. City states of this era fought land battles in formations of warriors known as the phalanx. Each man, or hoplite, was responsible for providing his own arms and armor, which included spear, shield, helmet, and thorax, or breastplate. The thorax, for those who had the means, would be made from bronze, weighing between 30 and 40 pounds, exactly fitted to the torso of each wearer for comfort and protection. Typically, the bronze thorax would be fashioned with a depiction of idealized musculature, including pectorals and well-conditioned abdominals. Therefore, one would see the Greek warrior armed for battle as half man and half statue, an animated being of blood and metal. The warrior in donning his armor replaces his skin with a hard surface adapted for close combat, and becomes like the bronze gods enshrined in the high temples of the city.

Read the full article here: SUBSTACK – Uncomfortable Discoveries – First in a Series of Posts Examining the Riace Bronzes


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7 thoughts on “DAILY ART FIX: Uncomfortable Discoveries – First in a Series of Posts Examining the Riace Bronzes

  1. It’ll be Biden, the Left etc that is going down and I think it’s going to be very messy. I don’t mean to horn in on your post but similarities to the collapse of the Classical world are almost endless.

  2. What I always say is it’s the Postmodern corruption that will collapse like Rome, and here in America, we are our own barbarians. We will be the ones sacking the decadent elitists.

  3. Last thing for awhile. Art as an idea will never die, it’s eternal and by necessity indescribable. People and ideologies come and go but not the eternal things.

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