The Work Continues: Steven Pressfield and the War of Art

I’ve been absent from this blog due to a series of life events.

We lost a close family member.

My wife and I were in a horrific car crash, not our fault. It’s a miracle we walked away from it (we have an attorney, a new car, and I have ongoing chiropractor appointments).

I have been writing non-art articles for another entity.

There’s been some good art news as well; many sales, and a major commission.

But all this time, despite all these issues and events, I’ve been painting more than ever.

I have an art method which keeps me from getting overwhelmed with too many works going on at the same time. My natural inclination is to keep starting new paintings without finishing them. I don’t like that approach, so I developed a strategy which keeps production flowing while still committing to completion.

I keep three paintings in progress going, at different stages of development. I switch off between them based on where my mind is at the moment: either still making big decisions and adjustments in the early stages, refining and defining during the middle passages, and then making all the finishing touches which make such a difference at the end.

Here is a sneak preview detail shot form my currently most finished painting, “Plein Air.”

Detail of “Plein Air” in Progress

Part of what got me organized as an artist many years ago was the amazing Steven Pressfield book, The War of Art. I recommend it for everyone, not just artists. So much happens when you do the work, and get out of your own way.

The lessons I learned from that book enabled me to persist in completing my own book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization.

This blog is part of my work, and it will continue. More to come.

In the meantime, enjoy this inspirational clip.


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My wife Michele Bledsoe has written her own inspirational book, Painting, Passion and the Art of Life.


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8 thoughts on “The Work Continues: Steven Pressfield and the War of Art

  1. The Sennacherib read your last post and realizes you’ve been quite busy, but is very gratified you two are still in the land of the living!

  2. Great to see your post! I think you know how much I love Stephen Pressfield, I just finished reading his book “Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit”. Very good listen (Audible Book). I think he specifically geared it to the writing community but references visual arts at the time.

    Thanks, Richard, and hugs to the lovely seductress El Vira aka Michele.

    All the best

    Larry J Ortega

    Obliq Art

    1844 E. Cinnabar Ave, Phx, AZ 85020

    My life explains my art. My art explains my life.


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