“The Gift of Art” A Pop Up Gallery Experience at Seeds for Autism

The Gift of Art: A Pop-Up Gallery Experience at SEEDs for Autism is a special one night only art exhibit featuring the work of local community artists and adults on the autism spectrum, on Friday, October 14, 2022, 6pm to 8pm.

“At SEEDs for Autism we understand that art is a powerful form of communication. Art encourages creativity and self-expression. Art stirs the imagination and helps us grow as we engage with other artists, improve our skills and create beautiful pictures to share with the world. THE GIFT OF ART features the work of local community artists, SEEDs Instructors and students. Please join us on October 14th and be a part of this exciting one-night-only art show at SEEDs for Autism.”

A pop up gallery is a temporary art show held in a non-traditional location. Local artist Richard Bledsoe described how Seeds for Autism is an ideal venue for an art exhibit. “I’ve seen lives transformed by the programs at Seeds for Autism. One of the biggest factors I see in this progress is the hands-on work Seeds emphasizes. As a painter, I understand the personal growth which happens when you engage with the material world. The making and viewing of art inspires kinship for all participants. We are grateful to Seeds for providing this opportunity to bring the community together.”

SEEDs for Autism is a unique vocational training program in Phoenix, AZ dedicated to providing adults across the spectrum with hands-on experience as they learn a variety of life skills, social skills and job skills in a real-life work environment. Through the production and sale of their hand-crafted home and garden items, adults on the autism spectrum build self-confidence as they step outside of their comfort zone and GROW.

Featured Community Artists: Richard Bledsoe, Michele Bledsoe, Jeff Falk, Shelley Whiting

50% of all Art Sales will be donated to support the life-changing program at SEEDs for Autism.


Richard Bledsoe “Rex” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 30″


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My wife Michele Bledsoe has written her own inspirational book, Painting, Passion and the Art of Life.


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4 thoughts on ““The Gift of Art” A Pop Up Gallery Experience at Seeds for Autism

  1. Richard,
    My family had a great time at the pop-up gallery. There were some interesting pieces of artwork featured. It was wonderful meeting and talking with you. My children really valued your comments and perspective on their art. They felt much better after discussing their struggles with the push for postmodern art. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

  2. Thanks for coming. It was so nice to meet you all! If your family ever wants to share some art images I will post them on my blog. Tell them to keep up the good work! Richard

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