The Remodern America Manifesto Part 1: Defining the Problem

Richard Bledsoe “Study for a World Review” acrylic on canvas 20″ x 16″

When I published my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization, I concluded the work with a 10 point list I called the Remodern America Manifesto.

In this document, I provided a summary of what is wrong with the contemporary art establishment, proposed new solutions, and defended why art still matters. 

It is said the first stage in addressing any problem is first admitting there is a problem. Theses are the three points which describe the current sorry state of the arts.


The Reconstruction of an Art of the People, by the People, for the People

1. Art is undergoing a crisis of relevance. Elitist malfeasance has marginalized the visual arts in popular culture. In doing so, the New Aristocracy of the Well-Connected block access to powerful resources. They deny our society the inspiration to live up to ideals, the encouragement to think and feel deeply, the yearning to harmonize with truth and beauty. As a result, the mass audience has turned away. People instinctually reject the superficial and nihilistic contemporary art championed by an imperious would be ruling class.

2. Ruling class totalitarians use Postmodern art as a tool of oppression. Elitists have weaponized art into an assault on the foundations of Western civilization. This deceitful cabal seeks to destroy any principled perspective on the lies, manipulations, and abuses they commit. The scourge of Postmodern relativism as a cultural force is no accident; it’s a top-down driven campaign. Hyping soulless, unskilled art has a toxic, weakening effect on society as a whole.

Many cultural critics discuss problems, but solutions are rare. The great thing about Reomdernism, which encourages a DIY attitude, the power to make a difference goes back into the hands of people: artists and patrons alike.

The next stage of the manifesto, to be featured in an upcoming post, discusses those ideas.


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