The Remodern America Manifesto Part 2: Inflection Point

Richard Bledsoe “Hollowsaurus” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 36″ 2018

When I published my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization, I concluded the work with a 10 point list I called the Remodern America Manifesto.

In this document, I provided a summary of what is wrong with the contemporary art establishment, proposed new solutions, and defended why art still matters. 

The first part of the manifesto defined the problems.

The second part describes the crisis point reached and what the turning of the tide will mean: a shift of our civilization from the Postmodern to the Remodern mode.

  1. Art is a more enduring and vital human experience than the power games of a greedy and fraudulent ruling class. The managers crashed the culture in pursuit of their agenda. They defend their usurped authority and privileges with doublethink, misdirection, and intimidation. Their time has run out. Reality is crashing back through their carefully constructed facades, and a time of reckoning has come. Enduring changes start in the arts. Remodernism defeats Postmodern desecration.
  2. Remodernism reboots the culture. Remodernism is not a style of art, it is a form of motivation. We express the universal language of inspired humanity. We do not imitate what came before. We find in ourselves the same divine essence of love and excitement which has inspired masterpieces throughout history. We are strengthened by drawing on traditions thousands of years old. We integrate the bold, visionary efforts of the Modern era into a holistic, meaningful expression of contemporary life. Remodernism seeks a humble maturity which heals the fragmentation and contradictions of Modernism, and obliterates the narcissistic lies of Postmodernism. Remoderism is disruptive innovation applied to the moribund art world.

Many cultural critics discuss problems, but solutions are rare. The great thing about Remodernism, which encourages a DIY attitude, the power to make a difference goes back into the hands of people: artists and patrons alike.

This is an especially promising development for the United States, which the people will make back into the land of the free. The next stage of the manifesto, to be featured in an upcoming post, discusses change in America.


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3 thoughts on “The Remodern America Manifesto Part 2: Inflection Point

  1. Richard I think you are right and things are getting better, but remember we can be wrong also and people will be people!

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