The Remodern America Manifesto Part 3: American Renewal

Richard Bledsoe “Mothman” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 30″

When I published my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization, I concluded the work with a 10 point list I called the Remodern America Manifesto.

In this document, I provided a summary of what is wrong with the contemporary art establishment, proposed new solutions, and defended why art still matters. 

The first part of the manifesto defined the problems.

The second part describes the crisis point reached and what the turning of the tide will mean: a shift of our civilization from the Postmodern to the Remodern mode.

The third part describes the shared motivations of Remodernists, and what such a consciousness means in the United States. Although art is an international activity, Americans, with our freedoms and resources, should be leading the way.

  1. Remodernism is the open source arts movement for the twenty-first century. Remodernism began in London in 1999, first codified by painters Billy Childish and Charles Thomson as an alternative to the corrupt and out-of-touch establishment art scene. Remodernism recognizes artmaking as an inclusive, spiritual activity, and encourages a DIY mentality. Remodernism synchronizes with reverenced American values of equality, faith, action and initiative.
  2. Remodernism is the latest iteration of the American character: ordinary people working as explorers and inventors, optimistic, self-reliant and productive. The Remodernist artist formulates expressions of personal liberty in pursuit of higher meaning and significance. Remodernism is the pursuit of excellence. We don’t grovel before the current cultural gatekeepers, we want to interact with everyone. We are story tellers. We make a complex art for complex times. We are the swing of the pendulum.
  3. Remodernism is appropriate for America, a young nation in an ancient land. Remodernist artists wander through the ruins of fossilized civilization. With our own hands, we assemble from the debris affectionate homages to the human condition, works afflicted with humor and humbled by grace. We love where we’ve come from, and we preserve that love for the future to see. We invoke a respectful reverence for the past, for we accept we will be joining that infinite regression. We understand art is about the eternal.
  4. Remodernism is the return of art as a revelation. We are showing particular things about ourselves that can also be universally recognized. Our art symbolically represents flawed, searching humanity participating in birth, existence, growth, and death. It is mysterious and moving, comic and tragic, clumsy and elegant.Remodernism is a celebration of the beauty and weirdness of the life God has granted us.
  5. This is our moment in the mighty continuum of art and life. Real art knows no boundaries; it communicates across all times, across all cultures. Art is as much an aspect of our species as the opposable thumb, and just as prevalent. The art world can be as big as all of humankind, if we do it right. Remodernism accepts responsibility for the art of our times, conveying the wisdom of tradition into the opportunities of the future. Remodernism is love made visible.

Many cultural critics discuss problems, but solutions are rare. The great thing about Remodernism, which encourages a DIY attitude, the power to make a difference goes back into the hands of people: artists and patrons alike.

This renewal is disruptive innovation applied to the corrupt and insular art market. and because empire follows art, as the visionary William Blake knew, when we renew the arts, we will renew our civilzation.


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