The Philosophy of a Greatest Hits Collection: My Best Remodern Review Essays

One Of My Favorite Paintings Ever:

Richard Bledsoe “Squidgate” Oil on Canvas 36″ x 48″

In music, a greatest hits collection puts together the popular songs of a group or performer into one convenient package. Sometimes a new offering or a rarity is added as a bonus, or the selection is out padded out with not-quite-a-hit tracks.

After 8 years of serious blogging, I realize some of my more significant posts get lost in the shuffle. They won’t come up in the Top Posts sidebar unless they get rediscovered and receive a large number of views in a short time period.

To share some highlights, I’ve added a Greatest Hits widget to the side bar of the Remodern Review.

Instead of going strictly just by the articles with the biggest numbers of clicks, this collection is curated with the articles which mean the most to me, in addition to having large numbers of views.

I will periodically update the list to rotate through my favorites. The first list includes:


1917: A Shattering Discovery from the Year Art Went Into the Toilet

Marcel Duchamp was the precursor of today’s useless, corrupt art world. This article exposes his chicanery and the possible fate of the most infamous work attributed to him.


COMMENTARY: The Doublethink Strategy of Cultural Elitists

Using establishment pet artist Tracey Emin as an example of Postmodern art as a tool of oppression.


COMMENTARY: Establishment Art’s Ingrained Indoctrination and the Postmodern Manifesto

I’ve heard the authorship of the Postmodern manifesto is disputed. It doesn’t matter who wrote it; it is a deadly accurate description of the enemy’s mentality. Beyond Jordan Peterson’s devastating video takedown of Postmodern immorality, I have not found a better summary of the toxic philosophy which is destroying the world.


Leftists Literally Evoke Satan to Save Their Collapsing Cultural Cabal

Take off the Postmodern mask, and it’s the same old liar behind all evil in the world.


ARTISTS: Charles Thomson is Stuck in the Remodern

My interview with the cofounder of the Remodern movement. Thomson’s ideas and art are a great influence on me, it was an honor to get him to share some insights.


I hope you enjoy some of my greatest hits!


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2 thoughts on “The Philosophy of a Greatest Hits Collection: My Best Remodern Review Essays

  1. Tragedy struck the art world, Koon’s balloon dog smashed by visitor! Art gallery director inconsolable, Jeff Koon unavailable for comment.

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