ARTICLE: When Postmodern Art Attacks Western Civilization


When Postmodern Art Attacks Western Civilization

There’s nothing new about the corrosive corruption that inhabits our cultural institutions. We’ve had decades of long march partisans infiltrating the organizations that are meant to sustain our society. Our foundations are under systemic assault by those we’ve entrusted them to, ideologues who have perverted their missions. Their Bizzaro World versions of education, communication, administration and the arts have been weaponized into all out attacks on anyone who resists the utopian statist agenda.

What is new, and is making some people uncomfortable, is the rising chorus of voices who are daring to criticise the dysfunctional status quo. Money quote from the article above: “But if more people don’t speak up when civilization comes under existential attack by envious losers who prefer to destroy what they cannot build, our prospects may be bleak indeed.” But while the author of the article is voting with his feet-avoiding places that piss him off-that is no solution.

Remodernism creates a positive alternative to attempts to enforce submission and conformity to the decadent and power hungry machinations of the existing establishment. The spreading influence of free thought and creativity, outside of the officially sanctioned channels and hierarchies, is the biggest threat they face.

The re-formation of our culture is well underway; our future will be what we make of it.