DAILY ART FIX: Learn the Basics of Charcoal Drawing to Capture the Intensity of Life with Art

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Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal as a versatile drawing medium

I remember the first drawing I did in high school which wasn’t just a copy of what I was looking at, but had a real atmosphere and mystery about it. It was a self portrait done in charcoals, and I managed to make myself look moody and intense. Charcoal can be used for expressionist techniques, or be used very precisely. Learn the basics:

Charcoal is a smooth yet brittle material that has similar properties to chalk pastel. The dark substance comes in different forms—some are hard while others are soft—but overall it offers a quick sketching experience. Lighter, less dense charcoal is particularly adept at flying over the page and is great for casual sketches. But, don’t underestimate the incredible depth it can achieve. If you are working on a drawing that has deep shadows, charcoal will have the rich black tones you want to convey that sort of intensity.

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