DAILY ART FIX: Artist’s Painting to be Launched to Moon for Lunar Codex Project

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Nancy Hines painted "All These Years," which is being sent to the moon with other pieces of art for a Lunar Codex project.

Nancy Hines “All These Years”

A Texas artist will have her painting sent to the moon.

Hines will have her oil painting “All These Years,” sent to the moon in a lunar time capsule with 22 other pieces of art after it being selected by Samuel Peralta. Peralta, who also had a piece of his writing sent to the moon in the past, selected Hines’ artwork “All These Years” for his Lunar Codex project after seeing it on display in the International Art Renewal Center Salon Exhibition in New York during the summer.

Read the full article here: HOUSTON CHRONICLE – Artist’s Painting to be Launched to Moon for Lunar Codex Project


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