An Elitist Professor Evangelizes On How the Dysfunctional Art World Functions

Straight From the Horse’s Ass

Professor Magnus Resch Lectures the Little People

Like the latest ongoing Hunter Biden pay for play art scheme exposes, the establishment art market is a corrupt scam. At its core, there are probably not more than a few thousand globalists involved in this shady business, which was estimated to have reached over $64 billion in sales as of 2019. As the great critic Robert Hughes once observed, “Apart from drugs, art is the biggest unregulated market in the world.”

By the way, regulation isn’t a solution here. It would only add more layers of graft.

At least drug lords actually have to deliver the goods to receive their ill-gotten profits. The art world is racing into making intangible nothings like NFTs or invisible sculptures just as valuable as the exquisite examples of human skill and insight which used to earn the designation of masterpieces. The white collar criminals involved only care about enabling money laundering, tax evasion, and insider trading. Actual artwork is becoming an unneeded middle man, revealed as just a flimsy excuse for whatever illicit financial transactions they need to disguise.

A faction of this cartel is after more than just money. They are Marxists bent on world domination. Undermining the culture in order to undermine the people is their primary goal, so they invest their money in the most ridiculous anti-art available. Because of the status and clout of this cabal, they have warped the market into a travesty, substituting propaganda, irrelevance, carrion, excrement, pornography, and debris for art.

This puts contemporary artists in a terrible situation. The manipulators of the market demand conformity with their debased agenda if an artist is to have any chance of advancement. Yet the disgusting non-art pushed by the compromised cultural institutions have ruined art’s reputation with the general public. How can an artist who actually wants to make quality art get anywhere?

Under the corrupt status quo, they can’t. Now someone who is part of the problem, a member of the New Aristocracy of the Well Connected, is stepping up to explain how artists and audiences need to knuckle under to the unprincipled New Normal.

Like many elitists, it looks like art economist Magnus Resch likes to play the credentials game. His resume includes business studies at Harvard and the London School of Economics, and teaching at Columbia and Yale. The real world results of Ivy League alumni shows those entities are ground zero for the much of the rot our culture is undergoing, but because the establishment is a closed system, the privileged expect to be shielded from the consequences of the destruction they cause.

Resch has a new book to hawk, How to Become a Successful Artist. On the one hand, it seems he is presenting  a fair assessment of the dire reality of art as a business. But on the other hand, he is hyping divisive Cultural Marxist virtue signaling filtered through Big Tech as the way forward. In Cultured magazine, Resch states:

“My vision is an art world that is transparent, fair and equal and embraces new technologies. Exhibitions are curated via swarm intelligence, not through the selection of a few so-called experts with an art history degree. A more diverse group of artists will finally get museum recognition, supported by a healthy gallery system that is adjusted to the number of buyers. This will attract a new generation of art buyers whose focus is on purpose, rather than profit. They understand that buying art is not just the purchase of an artwork but a philanthropic investment. The questions responsible art buyers will ask are not, ‘How much can I sell it for in 5 years?’ but, ‘How will my purchase support a community and align with my values?’”

From his ivory tower, Resch is elitist-splaining to us how we should not expect quality art which has long term worth. Instead, we should make affirmative action selections in art which will allow us to preen about how we are supporting some preference group. Whoever gets to program his “swarm intelligence” will doubtlessly control what the favored outcomes are. The promoted will be selected due to ideology, skin color, sexual preference, etc – nothing to do with artistic accomplishment. This attitude of bringing non-artistic concerns and lowered expectations into the art world will just continue the disastrous irrelevance of art.

I am curious to read Resch’s book. Not because I expect it will actually educate me how to be a “successful” artist, but because it will give me more insight into the unscrupulous system. The current art world configuration needs to be destroyed for humanity’s sake. Based on Resch’s misdiagnosis for the solutions, it should be even easier to break the monopolistic fraud by presenting real art to the people, and bypassing the establishment’s alienating assumptions and attitudes.

As I described in my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization:

Art is a more enduring and vital human experience than the power games of a greedy and fraudulent ruling class. The managers crashed the culture in pursuit of their agenda. They defend their usurped authority and privileges with doublethink, misdirection, and intimidation. Their time has run out.

Reality is crashing back through their carefully constructed facades, and a time of reckoning has come. Enduring changes start in the arts. Remodernism defeats Postmodern desecration.


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