DAILY ART FIX: Tim Klein Mixes Up Puzzle Pieces And The Results Are Surreal

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Montage Puzzle Art by Tim Klein

Tim Klein ““Pig Jaw Suzzle #2”

Surrealism uses puzzling presentations to trigger unexpected insights into the nature of reality. One artist is literally using puzzles to accomplish this.

Puzzle enthusiast Washington-based artist Tim Klein has been creating montages out of jigsaw puzzles for 25 years. For his work, Klein uses vintage puzzles from the 1970s-90s, the selection of which can take years: “It’s an obsessive but enjoyable treasure hunt,” he says…

But it’s not as simple as throwing some pieces together, as Klein notes:

“Over the years I’ve developed an intuitive feel for spotting [puzzles] that are likely to be useful to me, based on their imagery, brand, age, piece count, etc. But even so, matching up vintage puzzles takes luck, patience, and the tenacity of a treasure hunter! I own stacks and stacks of puzzles that I call my “art supplies”, some of which have been waiting years for a suitable mate to appear.”

Montage Puzzle Art by Tim Klein

Tim Klein “King of the Road”

Read the full article here: ART SHEEP – Tim Klein Mixes Up Puzzle Pieces And The Results Are Surreal


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