DAILY ART FIX: Is Realist Art Still Relevant?

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Scott Fraser “Lemon Spiral” Oil on board 44″ x 29.5″

Even though I tend to paint from imagination rather than life, I have the greatest respect for artists who can accurately depict the natural world. And I agree that realist art has an immediate impact to the audience. It’s good news if the art market is becoming supportive of actual skill and talent, instead corrupt Postmodern conceptual hackwork.

Sprick shared an illustrative anecdote about overhearing a snippet of conversation between a couple leaving a museum: “They were walking out of an exhibit of incomprehensible, conceptual stuff, within earshot. The man said to the woman, ‘I know that guy was a genius, but sometimes I want to know it’s good artwork just by looking at it.’ realism is self-evident and needs no explanation.”

Sprick believes realism remains not only relevant, but also flourishing in the twenty-first century.

“There’s no sign of loss of interest among artists with sincerity who want to be challenged,” Sprick said. “I don’t think realism is ever going away. There’s a groundswell of young people finding training outside universities, in ateliers, in private studios, with somebody who has gained academic skill and teaches others.”

Scott Fraser, Pencil Wreck. Oil on board. 25.5 x 18 inches.

Scott Fraser “Pencil Wreck” oil on board 25.5″ x 18″

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