DAILY ART FIX: Empty Spaces -‘The Wall’ Artist Gerald Scarfe on Selling His Pink Floyd Archive

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Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (1979)

We Don’t Need No Education: From Gerald Scarfe’s Iconic Art for The Wall

Pink Floyd’s concept album The Wall is a case where the music is inseparable from the imagery on the gatefold record.

Artist Gerald Scarfe created a scratchy, distorted dystopia in illustration and animation to accompany the haunting songs of alienation, loss and power. In 2019, Scarfe decided to part with his collection of artwork for the album.

Working off the musical landscape and the backstory [Pink Floyd bassist Roger] Waters established, Scarfe — a political cartoonist by trade with a flair for darkly comic caricature — developed The Wall‘s iconic imagery and characters, a twisted menagerie that would keep the attention of concertgoers while Pink Floyd literally built a wall between themselves and the audience: the Marching Hammers, the boogeyman Teacher who feeds his dead-eyed children to the meat grinder, the anus-mouthed Judge and the main character Pink, an unformed human that Scarfe’s animation tosses around like a marionette dummy untethered from its strings. “We couldn’t just have a blank wall sitting there,” the artist said.

The Wall' at 40: Illustrator Gerald Scarfe Recalls Designing Pink Floyd's  Multimedia Masterpiece | PEOPLE.com

The Bleeding Heart and Artist Gerald Scarfe with His Creations

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