DAILY ART FIX: Edward Weston on the Most Fruitful Attitude Toward Life, Art, and Other People

Art world links which caught my eye…

Edward Weston “Pomegranate”

Edward Weston (March 24, 1886 – January 1, 1958) was an innovator who helped make photography an art. He managed to make nature photos of vegetables, fruit and shells look monumental and mysterious. He also expressed engaging philosophy regarding art and life:

“I feel towards persons as I do towards art, — constructively. Find all the good first. Judge by what has been done, — not by omissions or mistakes. And look well into oneself! A life can well be spent correcting and improving one’s own faults without bothering about others.”

Read the full article here: BRAIN PICKINGS – Edward Weston on the Most Fruitful Attitude Toward Life, Art, and Other People


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