DAILY ART FIX: BBC Sculpture By Pedophile Artist Attacked By Man With Hammer

Art world links which caught my eye…

Symbolism at the BBC: Eric Gill’s Sculpture Defaced

Symbolism will be their downfall.

I do not support the erasure of the past or the removing of monuments. However, I see there is something significant that this one was chosen at this time. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has long covered up for well connected pedophiles, like their own Jimmy Savile. And then they go and decorate their building with a naked boy fondled by the adult man looming over him. It’s a work by sculptor Eric Gill, who was posthumously exposed as a child molester. It’s like they are flaunting it.

Someone played art critic with a hammer over it.

A man scaled BBC‘s Broadcasting House in central London and used a hammer to attack and deface a statue created by sculptor Eric Gill.

Though a prominent British artist, Gill’s name has become surrounded in controversy after diaries that were published decades after his 1940 death revealed that he had sexually abused his daughters and the family dog.

Photos of the area during the man’s attack showed chunks of stone missing from the statue, shards and debris littering the ground surrounding the artwork and several message inscriptions. One read “Time to go was 1989,” while another said, “Noose All Peados.”

Read the full article here: NEWSWEEK – Sculpture By Artist Who Sexually Abused Daughters, Family Dog Attacked By Man With Hammer


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2 thoughts on “DAILY ART FIX: BBC Sculpture By Pedophile Artist Attacked By Man With Hammer

  1. Eric Gill is a tricky one . I generally admire his graphic work . He was very involved with high church decoration of Westminster Abbey. So much to admire , so much contradiction and very disturbing perversity. I’ve never reconciled my admiration with my revulsion . I hadn’t heard of this incident , and predictably when it comes to Gill, I am ambivalent. Take care, 🕊

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