2020, The Invisible War

A Harbinger of Mysterious Forces at Work and Catastrophes, Averted and Otherwise

Richard Bledsoe “Mothman” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 30″

“Don’t be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because even so you are fighting for your lives. And you’re fighting against the best organized and the most capable enemy of freedom and of right and decency that has ever been abroad in the world.”

-Ronald Reagan

War is a conflict over control. There’s been many types of war throughout human history. We’ve had hot wars and cold wars, civil wars and Phoney Wars, ranging in scale from local skirmishes to global engagements. I’m not sure if we’ve ever experienced what is occurring now: the Invisible War, which has been ramping up for decades. It’s not really invisible any longer, but it does remain largely hidden by powerful forces of denial, ignorance, disinformation, and collusion.

This war is the remaining free people of the United States squaring off against China, and really most of the rest of the world as well; even many of our so-called allies were conquered long ago, through the insidious corruption of the globalist administrative classes. The liberty of the United States is the final obstacle for the New Dark Age they lust for, where the Aristocracy of the Well Connected wield unaccountable power over masses of cowed serfs. Read up on the Great Reset, if you have any doubts about the horror, suffering and destruction our betters intend to inflict on the rest of us.

2020 has shown me that moment Ronald Reagan warned against, the rise of a generation that would accept the extinction of liberty, could be right now. This blog used to be about how the elitist undermining of the arts was an attack on civilization, and how we could fight back. Now as a citizen I must address unfolding events beyond art, even though I still see the connection.

As visionary William Blake described, “Empire follows art, and not vice versa.” Under the psy op that is Postmodernism, the globalist governing strategy, the course of our larger culture and institutions have indeed declined as art has been lost to us. As I described in my 2018 book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization:

Ruling class totalitarians use Postmodern art as a tool of oppression. Elitists have weaponized art into an assault on the foundations of Western civilization. This deceitful cabal seeks to destroy any principled perspective on the lies, manipulations, and abuses they commit. The scourge of Postmodern relativism as a cultural force is no accident; it’s a top-down driven campaign. Hyping soulless, unskilled art has a toxic, weakening effect on society as a whole.

The establishment went scorched earth on art, manipulating it into irrelevance with their Cultural Marxist tropes and attitudes. Now they’re trying to do the same thing with reality itself. It’s sort of like how the Nazis used Guernica as a dry run for blitzkrieg tactics. The lessons the elites learned from their destruction of the arts are being applied against the timeless sequence of cause and effect, and the relentless actuality of truth. Postmodernists believe language controls reality, not the other way around. They actually believe if they just insist enough, from their positions of authority, nature and humanity will bend to their will.

Our governing classes are working in unison towards their absurd but deadly goals because for generations a careful war plan has been followed. Communists-initially the Russians, now the Chinese-have bought our elites and made them into an army of anti-American sleeper agents. Conformity is the price of admission to the avenues of power. No one gets in without selling out. As a result, our institutions are stocked top to bottom with operatives whose level of commitment to the destruction of our Constitutional Republic ranges from fellow traveler to enemy combatant. They are bound together through a code of Omertà and webs of mutually assured destruction regarding the crimes and corruption they were allowed to indulge in as members of the Inner Party.

Our country is infested with traitors. Our politicians, Big Tech, academia, the media, and corporate board rooms are all working together to fulfill Khrushchev’s prediction America would be conquered without firing a shot. The fake election of Joe Biden is supposed to be the final straw.  

I must say I’m surprised how many pundits from outside the cabal seem to be ready to capitulate. Get your mind clear. Stop with the think piece articles gaming out Biden’s policies and personnel, like he actually won the vote, as if his ascension (really the ascension of his CCP overlords) is just the outcome of another 4 year election. Accepting Joe Biden as President is an extinction level event for the United States. Act accordingly.

We aren’t in a matter of politics any longer. We aren’t even in a place of legality, despite all the lawsuits President Trump and his advocates are involved in. The long slow corruption of our judiciary and legislative bodies were very successful battles for the Chinese, and I expect we’ll get no justice or results from those venues now. The swamp will not drain itself.

President Trump talked this year about the invisible enemy. It’s not a virus he means. I’ve touched on this topic several times in this blog, each time with greater understanding of its significance:

This is war, and we need to recognize it as such. As I stated in “The Postmodern War on America,” a June 14, 2020 post about what we were going through at the time:

When I started writing this piece just a few short weeks ago, I had plenty to say about how the wacky woo hoo virus hysteria exposed massive corruption and Chinese influence in our traitorous elitists. Arbitrary and needless shutdowns devoured American prosperity, coincidentally right when a new trade agreement undercut Chinese market manipulations, and a tectonic scale spy scandal started emerging regarding the Obama administration and all their cronies.

China’s rigid totalitarian system is the desired outcome of the majority of the world’s administrative classes. They won’t admit this, but look at their actions, instead of listening to their empty words.

Events overtook the essay I was preparing. So now we have divisive race riots being inflamed, on top of the Overblown Outbreak. This is just a continuation of the same war, a new battlefield of the thoroughly planned and prepared Postmodern assault on the United States.

This is Postmodern War for the 21st century. It’s not fought openly with bombs and soldiers. It’s combat waged by other means, with biological agents, economics, propaganda, data manipulation, sabotage.

More events have overtaken even that essay now, and we are on the newest field of battle, Stolen Election 2020. Not only did Trump win bigly, his massive coattails would have bolstered the Senate and flipped the House too, if the cheating hadn’t happened.

But I end all of this on a hopeful note. Not Obama’s version, Hoax and Chains, but the genuine article. Because it occurred to me, what if I have this all backwards?

True, for decades the Communist Chinese were waging their Invisible War on us. But then Trump happened. It ruined the covert nature of our destruction. Now it’s all out in the open. An exposed enemy becomes a target, and we are now in a target rich environment to say the least. All which is needed is a leader who is willing to pull the trigger, and I believe President Trump is that leader. His recent invocations of Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln demonstrate Trump is well aware of his responsibilities-and also his opportunities.

2020 has been an elitist driven assault, but it was also a reactionary move. The establishment had to go on countless kamikaze style charges against their own interests to try to undo the efforts of one man and the few well-placed advocates he has in positions of power. Trump and his circle have secrets of their own, and their own invisible gambits taking place.

The elites brought ruin on us, yes, but they’ve also decimated their own strongholds. Cities are emptying, the media is reviled, Hollywood is crushed, public indoctrination/education is scattered, university enrollments are dwindling, and Xi’s hands on the levers of power are exposed.

This is a war. But what if the real nature of this war ends up being Americans from outside the compromised upper echelons lured the New World Order into a trap? That in aiming for the accelerated final destruction of the United States, the globalists made themselves vulnerable, and they will be the ones themselves destroyed?

That would be a yuge accomplishment.  

“Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”

-Sun Tzu


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10 thoughts on “2020, The Invisible War

  1. Reblogged this on His eye is on the sparrow and commented:
    My apologies to readers who may have gotten the misconception that I don’t see bible prophecy more clearly in this rapidly changing world as it emerges. By observing details of the fast moving trends, both local and universal, such as listed in this article.
    This read is a very interesting observational study. Viewed through a biblical world-view it is very enlightening.

  2. OK youngster (& yes, at 82 I can get away with callin’ you that.), i agree, been saying the same for 10 or more years but, frankly, I can’t end on a hopeful note as you done did. “They” own the schools, media, entertainment, government, etc., and have for a few generations.

    My best advice to you & yours is look at Russia. Back in the USSR & the perestroika days, I spent maybe a year, in 2 week or a month segments, there, mostly in the wild wild East, and saw how folks survived and often strived in spite of the all knowing, all seeing government.

    Make friends. develop barter routes, know who has what, know what you need and what you can trade them for it. Me & mine, I’ve taught and am teaching my savage teenage granddaughter to be an excellent shot.

    Yep, our Republic is the last great hope for the world, but have a plan D, just in case.

    Having said that, none the less, things looked just as hopeless in 1776.

    One last piece of advice ‘youngster’ (grin), stock up on hard copies. I’ve at least 5 10 by 8 foot shelves of books, fact & fiction. I really think my 1920 or so Audel’s ‘Modern engineering and practice,’ guides contain enough information to, if the fit really really hits the shan, rebuild an early 20th century civilization from the scattered scrap around us.

  3. […] A Harbinger of Mysterious Forces at Work and Catastrophes, Averted and Otherwise Richard Bledsoe “Mothman” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 30″ “Don’t be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because even so you are fighting for your lives. And you’re fighting against the best organized and the most capable enemy of… — Weiterlesen remodernreview.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/2020-the-invisible-war/ […]

  4. You’re right Richard. Keep the faith and be cheerful. It’s true they seem to own everything, but they don’t and they know it ( hence their huge pr effort, heal the nation etc) I may not see their downfall, but fall they will and in the not so far future. Everything they do will be a self inflicted injury.

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