DAILY ART FIX: Naked and Unafraid: The Art of Figure Modeling

Art world links which caught my eye…

Naked art: Take a peek inside a nude drawing class in Singapore :  r/singapore

I must admit, drawing naked people became routine when I was an art student. There was nothing titillating about being crammed into a chilly, grubby art studio at 8am, jockeying for position with twenty other students, trying to get a good vantage point on the patient nude presenting themselves to us. This article breaks down how posing becomes just a run-of-the-mill job for the models as well.

The first time Jonathan Cartwright ’24 was booked to model, he recalls feeling so nervous he could barely focus on his schoolwork beforehand. However, once Cartwright started posing the nervousness subsided.

“I was really nervous beforehand, but the fact that all I had to do was sit and stare off at a point on the wall made me forget that I was even doing it,” Cartwright said. “I just got lost in my thoughts and then it wasn’t nerve racking anymore.”

Read the full article here: THE DARTMOUTH – Naked and Unafraid: The Art of Figure Modeling


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4 thoughts on “DAILY ART FIX: Naked and Unafraid: The Art of Figure Modeling

  1. I loved life drawing when I was in art school. Over the years, I have gotten sly snickers from people when I tell them that, yes, we drew naked humans, both men and women. What I also tell them is that it was one of the hardest things I ever illustrated. And yes, I noticed that they were naked for about 30 seconds and after that, tried my best to get what I was seeing down on paper. There was no ogling and in fact our instructors made it known that if anyone did, they’d be asked to leave.

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