EXHIBITION ANNOUNCEMENT – “Booked: Contemporary Literary Art” at The Trunk Space

Portrait of EG

Richard Bledsoe “Mark Twain’s The Portrait of Emmeline Grangerford”

acrylic on canvas 30″ x 24″

“I got sick and tired of all that Purity! Wanted to tell stories.”
-Philip Guston
Back in the day the genre of history painting was considered the highest form of art. That type of imagery included not only actual historical events but religious, mythological, and literary  scenes.
Modern art turned attention away from narrative forms towards more theoretical and abstract concerns, with the practical effect of losing a great portion of the general audience. Telling stories is the way we connect with one another, and the visual arts have suffered from this disregard for such a fundamental means of communication.
In February Remodern America and the Trunk Space present a group show which embraces the art of the story teller, and pays tribute to beloved authors whose works have moved us, inspired us, and enriched our lives.

Participating Artists:

Leslie Edeline Barton, Michele Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe,

Stephanie Carrico, Anna Dufek, Annette Hassell, Clay Martin,

Joe Montano III, David Morgan, Larry Ortega, Shelley Whiting


Artwork Inspired By Favorite Books

February 2 – February 28. 2015

Opening Reception First Friday February 6, 2015 6pm

Third Friday Reception February 20, 2015 6pm


1506 NW Grand Ave

Phoenix, Arizona 85007



8 thoughts on “EXHIBITION ANNOUNCEMENT – “Booked: Contemporary Literary Art” at The Trunk Space

  1. Thanks you! My images come to me in visions, so I’m glad you got a sense of the dreamy nature of it. Inspired by a passage in “Huckleberry Finn,” this my depiction of what the description there appears like in my mind. A perfect subject for Symbolist art.

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